(Book 1) From the 7 Generations Series

stonellustrated by Scott B. Henderson
Published by Highwater Press

Grade: for grades 9-12

ISBN: 978-1-55379-227-7
Price: $12.95

ISBN: 978-155379-251-2
Price: $9.70

Stone introduces Edwin, a young man who must discover his family’s past if he is to have any future. Edwin learns of his ancestor Stone, a young Plains Cree man, who came of age in the early 19th century. Following a vision quest, Stone aspires to be like his older brother, Bear, a member of the Warrior Society. But when Bear is tragically killed during a Blackfoot raid, Stone, the best shot and rider in his encampment, must overcome his grief and avenge his brother’s death. Only then can he begin a new life with his bride, Nahoway. It is Stone’s story that drives Edwin to embark on his own quest.

Stone is the first book in the graphic novel series, 7 Generations.

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Named to the Best Books for Kids & Teens 2012 list by The Canadian Children’s Book Centre.



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