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Summer Break…Not.

So, summer’s over now. There wasn’t much of a break, aside from a nice vacation at Clear Lake with my family, a place we’ve gone since my first daughter was a baby (and a place where I’ve gone since I was a baby, and my mom’s gone since she was a baby). No, much of […]

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“So this is what it feels like…”

I know. I said I was going to blog more often, and then what happens? Here’s what I’m going to do: I’m setting my calendar to remind me about the blog every week. Too ambitious? Maybe, but some days I may simply post a picture or two, or just write a little mini-blog. My pledge […]

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Finding the Stories in Tales from Big Spirit

At first glance, it might seem easier to write a graphic novel based on something that has happened rather than to create an original story. You don’t have to make up characters or incidents or create worlds. When writing nonfiction, the people and places and events are all laid out like a tantalizing Sunday brunch […]

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The Importance of School Visits

Yesterday I visited a school in Winnipeg called Ecole Leila North Community School. It was their “treaty days” and they’d had a number of great speakers like my friend Kevin Lamoureux. I had the opportunity to speak to two groups of students, and in each group there were around thirty or so students. One of […]

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The Evolution of Alice & Thin Air 2014

I don’t get nervous speaking in public. It’s always been an odd thing about me. I like it. What makes me nervous about speaking events, like my book launch for “The Evolution of Alice“, is attendance. I’ve been lucky that my events have all been well-attended, but, for me, this time was different. It was […]

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