David Alexander Robertson

Bestseller for three weeks in a row!

BestSellers may18

Thanks to everybody for their support!

My new series, Tales From Big Spirit, has been doing really well, both in retail and in schools. Two of the books, The Scout: Tommy Prince & The Peacemaker: Thanadelthur, have spent three weeks each on the bestseller list for McNally Robinson’s Books For Young People. It’s always a nice feeling to see your book on a bestseller list. It never really gets old. And, to me, aside from the warm happy feelings, I know that the more people read my work the more people learn about some pretty incredible historical figures who did some amazing things. I always say that this isn’t Indigenous history, it’s history, and without these people, our country wouldn’t be the same. Here’s hoping the bestseller list stays on the radar for a little while longer.

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