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“Remember that no matter what your commitment or gifts are, those creative moments come to us just because we’re human beings. We just need to give them space and time to appear.”
-Jan Brett, author/illustrator

Jen Storm recommends The Evolution of Alice by David Robertson

“David Robertson’s novel The Evolution of Alice is a novel written from multiple viewpoints after a tragic event takes place on a reserve for a single mother family. David’s writing is important to me because he is taking experiences many Indigenous people are living through today and giving them their voice in a time when we are still struggling for our space in Canadian literature. This novel is heartbreaking but also a story of healing, community and love, and we can always use more of that. David Robertson is a talented author in Winnipeg who is doing great and hard work in Indigenous literature. David also writes graphic novels, which is a medium he excels in, while writing on tough themes such as suicide, residential schools and the story of Helen Betty Osborne.” Link here.

Will I See? – an afterword

So, in writing “Will I See?” I went on an incredible journey with some amazing people. This book was the most collaborative book I’ve ever done, and it involved, not surprisingly, the most moving pieces. I’m also really excited that the book isn’t the end of the journey; Will I See? will also be seen in a music video for Iskwé’s amazing song, Nobody Knows.

The journey itself, from start to finish, was something I wanted to share in the book. I wrote an afterword for it, but because of length, it didn’t get in. I’m sharing it here, for those who might be curious:  Read More…

When We Were Alone Reviews

Really excited about the reviews that are starting to come in for When We Were Alone. Don’t usually put reviews in a blog post, but since I’ve been lazy about blogging, surprise surprise, this will allow me to fill the old blog void for a period of time. Check the reviews out after the jump!

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Summer Break…Not.

So, summer’s over now. There wasn’t much of a break, aside from a nice vacation at Clear Lake with my family, a place we’ve gone since my first daughter was a baby (and a place where I’ve gone since I was a baby, and my mom’s gone since she was a baby). No, much of the summer for me was spent writing away at a new, and exclusive (for now), series coming out for Newfoundland/Labrador. It’s kind of a spin-off from the Tales From Big Spirit series, and, as with that series, I’ve had a fun time writing it (for the most part) and I’ve learned a lot.

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Puppy Love

I just did a bit of a video blog about the off-shoot from when I wanted to be a writer, to when I knew I could be a writer (two different things). I know, I’m blogging like crazy now. Video. Writing. It might be overkill. But I wanted to talk about poetry for a moment, because I think I don’t get it, for the most part, or at least, how to write like contemporary poets write poetry. I get the allure of it, that is, contemporary poetry. I think there’s rhythm in it, not a lot of rhyme, and so maybe, in this way, less wordplay. A lot of it lends well to performance (Kate Vermette rocks at this, for one). But I’ve always been drawn to writing poems with a lot of rhythm and rhyme. Love the challenge of finding rhymes that make sense and that are clever. I guess that makes me old school, maybe.

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When it Feels Like Work…

I don’t do a lot of writing tips stuff. But, here we go.

As much as we love to write, and in this instance by “we” I mean “I” (but this goes for any writer), sometimes writing feels like work. I think this is true of any passion that we have. It’s because if we’re passionate about something, we want to work really hard for it, and when we work really hard for something, we inevitably want to quit or it simply feels like a job. And when we hit moments like that, it feels like the passion is gone. What do we do?

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High Plains Book Award Nomination

I was really excited to find out that I’d been nominated for a book award via phone call a little while ago. Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story (illustrated by Scott B. Henderson) has been nominated for Best Creative Non-Fiction Book all the way from Billings, Montana! Check out the list right here.

More about this award after the jump.

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“So this is what it feels like…”

I know. I said I was going to blog more often, and then what happens? Here’s what I’m going to do: I’m setting my calendar to remind me about the blog every week. Too ambitious? Maybe, but some days I may simply post a picture or two, or just write a little mini-blog. My pledge to you.

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