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Documentaries On Me??

Over the past six years my writing career has kind of taken off, but I never would’ve thought that people would be interested enough in my work to make a documentary about me. I was wrong! This year, I’ll be the subject of two documentaries. Two! Me! It’s crazy.

The first one is for a show on APTN called The Medicine Line. First of all, this is a great show. It’s about this guy, Dave (great name), who travels across “The Medicine Line” (the border between the US and Canada) to find out about his heritage, and Indigenous culture and history.  I was so honoured to be a part of the show. You can see the episode I’m in by clicking on the link in the Videocast section, or clicking right here. The episode is about my work, in particular 7 Generations and Tales From Big Spirit. You also get to see my dynamic illustrator, Scott Henderson, at work. He’s a cool guy.

The second one is for a movie entitled Artist By Night. I’m super pumped about this movie. The premise of the documentary is to show how two graphic novelists live in their writing/illustrating world, while balancing the demands of daily life. I think it’s going to be great. And the premise is great, because balancing my writing life with my work (I’m a publishing manager at an indigenous organization in Winnipeg) and family life (I’m married to an amazing woman and we have four amazing children) can be very difficult. The other key players in the documentary are GMB Chomichuk and, again, Scotty Henderson. Artist By Night (follow on Facebook here) will be out on MTS Video On Demand as well as a television network (I want to say CBC?) this year!

That’s all!


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